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Whether you’re a landlord or property owner, Legal Matters brings two decades of experience in law to provide you with comprehensive legal solutions. The premise is to swiftly analyze your situation, navigate the complexities of the law, and deliver a rational resolution that upholds your integrity and mitigates risk.

Understand that law is an artificial superimposition onto ordinary life. With a deep understanding of legal complexities, Legal Matters help you navigate the legal landscape and work towards equitable solutions that defend your interests and advocate for your rights.

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Led by an experienced professional with over 20 years of business experience and a strong legal background, Legal Matters combines legal expertise with a keen understanding of the bigger picture. Legal Matters recognizes how your financial resources may be compromised and strives to address both the macro and micro aspects of your legal issues.

Trust Legal Matters to provide you with reliable legal counsel and strategic guidance. Protect your interests, ensure legal compliance, and deliver effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Question

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) is a remedial law designed to help tenants make their tenancy work. The terms of this law reflect public policy and governmental directives to maintain a stable, civil society. Landlord profitability is a secondary consideration. It is imperative that residential landlords be legally compliant to protect the viability of their investment and ward off challenges by tenants.

The RTA bars exclusion of pets from residential tenancies. Therefore, most types of dogs cannot be barred from the condominium even if the condo is not pet friendly.

While human rights legislation protects any tenancy applicant from being excluded as a potential tenant, there are actions a landlord should take before creating a lease and having the parties sign it.  Seek legal counsel when selecting and drafting a lease to best secure the rental terms most favourable to you.

Bad faith in contracts speaks to a corrupt spirit of an agreement. Bad faith standards in residential leases are defined more particularly within the terms of the RTA. It is possible to unwittingly and honestly deliver an N12 in bad faith. Seek legal assistance to avoid this pitfall.