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Expert paralegal services for landlord and condominium issues.
Protect your property, rights, and navigate legal complexities with our expertise.

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Legal Expertise for Landlords

Are you a landlord struggling to navigate the complexities of landlord and tenant law? Is your commercial tenancy complex but you lack the legal expertise? Legal Matters understand the challenges you face. Legal Matters provides the guidance and counsel you need to protect your rights and make informed decisions in your landlord and tenant activities. Don’t let the lack of legal expertise hold you back. Maximize your property’s value by ensuring legal compliance.

Daniel English Founder of Legal Matters.

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Legal Practice Areas

Landlord Protection

The RTA is a remedial law designed to help tenants make their residential tenancy work. Landlords must be able to comprehensively anticipate any dispute from all sides. Protect your investment by staying legally compliant at all times.

Condominium Law

Condominiums are typically governed by condo boards according to by-laws. Condominiums rented as residences to tenants also must comply with the Residential Tenancies Act. Be legally compliant with the condo board and any tenants: seek assistance to navigate these two sets of regulations.

Commercial Tenancies

Commercial tenancies depend on the contractual terms unlike residential tenancies which are defined by statute. Seel legal assistance to review your contract for viability given your business model.

Property Management

Property management (PM) companies vary greatly. You should only consult a PM with in-house legal. If your PM has no in-house legal, legal matters can augment your process to better protect your investment.

Investment Property

Many landlords fell into the role of being a landlord as a result of acquiring an investment property. Seek legal assistance to remain legal compliant and protect your investment.

Risk Mitigation

Landlords mitigate the risk to their investment when they are legally compliant. Avoid a minefield of tenant protections by seeking legal assistance to understand and be compliant with the law.


Why Clients Choose Us?

Led by an experienced professional with over 20 years of business experience and a strong legal background, Legal Matters combines legal expertise with a keen understanding of the bigger picture. Legal Matters recognizes how your financial resources may be compromised and strives to address both the macro and micro aspects of your legal issues.

Trust Legal Matters to provide you with reliable legal counsel and strategic guidance. Protect your interests, ensure legal compliance, and deliver effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Expert paralegal services for condominium and landlord issues. Protect your rights and navigate legal complexities with our expertise.

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Legal assistance for landlords

Law superimposes artificial concepts onto ordinary life. Work with legal matters expertise to achieve equitable solutions, protect your property, and defend your rights.

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